Summer Camp

The scouts attended Camp Independence at the Heritage Reservation in Farmington, PA for summer camp. It was a mix of summer camp veterans and first-time summer campers. It was an amazing and full weekend of activities! Scouts enjoyed boating, fishing, swimming, bb-gun shooting, archery, nature, and Camp Independence’s world class slushies!

Webelos Hike

The Webelos took an evening hike in a nearby park. They prepared for this hike in advance considering safety, location, weather, and ensured that they were prepared with fist aid kits, whistles, water and food. They logged over 3 miles and learned map and compass skills along the way.

Pinewood Derby

Race fans were welcome with intense and fast derby racing! Dens competed with themselves for a chance to race in the Pack Championship later in the day. Nearly every scout raced and every scout there made amazing memories.